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Planmeca TechAssist

A PDF of this information can be downloaded here

Get reliable technical support when you need it most.
Planmeca TechAssist is your flexible solution for out-of-warranty Planmeca extraoral imaging units and core equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Planmeca TechAssist cover?
Planmeca TechAssist provides comprehensive support, including unlimited remote technical support for software-related issues and assistance with software diagnosis and troubleshooting. In some situations, on-site support may be required, and our team can coordinate with a dealer technician or your IT department for in-depth troubleshooting

If I have multiple locations with equipment does each location need to be covered?
Yes, each location needs to be covered under Planmeca TechAssist if they would like technical support.

What products are covered under Planmeca TechAssist?
All extraoral imaging products and core equipment are covered under Planmeca TechAssist.

Is labor included?
Dealer and/or Planmeca labor costs are not included.

Is it available for certified equipment?
Planmeca TechAssist is available for new and certified equipment after the warranty ends.

Does it include any software upgrades or updates?
Software upgrades or updates are not included in Planmeca TechAssist

What is the cost?
The cost is $29 per month which will automatically be processed on the same day each month.

For More Information or to Sign Up Contact Customer Service at (630) 529-2300.

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