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Planmeca Tech Support Wiki

MacOS Big Sur was released on November 12th, 2020. To work with the latest version of MacOS you will need to be running Romexis 6.1.1+ and Imaging Package 17.1+

The End-User Education Portal is now open! We have gathered videos and tutorials on Romexis and placed links in this portal, keep an eye on it as it grows. You can also use this portal to sign up for coachings, and trainings.

It has come to our attention that some individuals may be sharing their login information. Please note that registration to the Planmeca Tech Wiki is limited to Planmeca Employees and our Authorized Dealer Partners. We will be closing accounts that are found to be compromised.


This is the home page of the Planmeca Tech Support Wiki. It is filled with information regarding Planmeca products and troubleshooting documents for technicians.

All information will be linked from here and can be accessed below.

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This website is currently a work in progress, content is continually being updated, and uploaded.

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