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Using Filezilla to Download Romexis, Implant Library, and More

When downloading Romexis or Implant Library, we advise to use an FTP program. These programs manage your downloads for you and allow you to resume them if they stop without completing. This is an important feature because the downloads are very large.

Download and install FileZilla from the official website found HERE.

Once you open it, you will need to login at the top.

Filezilla Login

Enter the following information:

Username: pmadmin
Password: planm3ca!

Then hit the Quickconnect button, you may get a popup advising of an insecure connection, just hit “OK”

If you get an error message saying “Failed to retrieve directory listing” the work around is as follows: On the top of the program go to Edit > Settings > Connection > FTP and change “Passive” to “Active”

Insecure Connection

Once connected to the FTP, on the right side double click through the bottom folders. Go to Software then Romexis.

Next you will choose either Mac or Windows, depending on where you will be installing Romexis. This folder will also have the appropriate Implant Library installer for that version as well.

On the left side of the screen is where the download will be saved to. In the example below, this is at “C:\download\” but feel free to navigate wherever you want the file to be saved.

Once you have done that double click on the Romexis or Implant version of your choice to begin the download. It will then appear in the “Queued files” to the bottom of the window.

Filezilla Interface

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