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Log4j 2 Java Vulnerability

Due to a system vulnerability with certain versions of Java, it is recommended that users with Romexis versions 6.1 → apply the following steps to each workstation utilizing Romexis on a Windows workstation.

For more information visit:

At a Windows Command Prompt (run as administrator), you can enter: setx LOG4J_FORMAT_MSGMNO_LOOKUPS true

macOS Instructions

Reconstruction PC Instructions

1: Open Control Panel (This can most easily be accessed using the Search feature in the Windows Start menu)

2: Click on “System and Security”

3: Click on “System”

4: Click on “Advanced System Settings” (this will be on the right hand side of the screen

5: Click on “Environment Variables”

6: In the “System variables” section, click on “New…”

7: In the “Variable name:” field add “LOG4J_FORMAT_MSGMNO_LOOKUPS” (remove the quotes)

8: In the “Variable value:” field, add “true” (remove the quotes)

9: Click OK to save.

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