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Planmeca Tech Support Wiki

MacOS Big Sur was released on November 12th, 2020. At this time we do not have compatibility with Romexis or Didapi for this MacOS version. If you have updated to this version and capturing or Romexis is not working, please downgrade. If you have upgraded and it is currently working, please know that it may break, and we are working on compatibility information at this time

Dealer registration is open on the Planmeca Wiki! As of February 1st registration is open to our Dealer partners. A valid dealer email address will be required in order to receive your login details. The default shared login will be going away on the March 1st. Please ensure you are registered to continue accessing the Wiki by then!


This is the home page of the Planmeca Tech Support Wiki. It is filled with information regarding Planmeca products and troubleshooting documents for technicians.

All information will be linked from here and can be accessed below.

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This website is currently a work in progress, content is continually being updated, and uploaded.

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